Town Planning

Town Planning is an essential component to a successful build. We take pride in our ability to guide you through the entire process; From concept design to post-approval and construction. Peak Trade provides planning on all scales, including residential, retail, commercial and industrial developments. We have extensive experience on a range of projects throughout Sydney.

Our Town Planners can provide expertise in Council Liaison and Development Approval. We have close relationships with Local Councils and experience working on a range of application types. We also work closely with a select group of highly skilled Traffic Engineers, Landscape Architects, Heritage Consultants, Arborists and Ecologists.

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Our Expertise

    Council Applications

  • Development Applications

  • Complying Development Certificates

  • Construction Certificates

  • Building Certificates

  • Section 4.55 Applications

    Town Planning Reports

  • Statement of Environmental Effects

  • Plan of Management

  • Heritage Impact Assessment

  • Waste Management Plans

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